First Five Things to Consider Before Buying a Sofa

First Five Things to Consider Before Buying a Sofa

A home isn’t a home if there’s no specific place where you can just sit down and relax after a hard day’s work. In most households, this particular place is occupied by a sofa and is usually located in a living room. Without a competent sofa inside your house, watching your favorite TV show or spending time with your family will be a lot harder. If you plan to on getting a new sofa or replacing your old one, there are a couple of things you need to remember.


The Purpose

When getting a sofa, will it be used frequently? If the answer is a resounding yes, then durability is what you should be looking for. Leather is the best option you can get if you’re aiming for a sofa that will last long. You can also choose textured fabrics that usually conceal wear and tear.


For the quality of the cushion, you have to determine first how many people are going to occupy the sofa most of the time. Test the cushion too if it’s sturdy enough to retain its shape after sitting on it.


The User

Of course, you have to take a person’s height into consideration when purchasing a new sofa. Think about your sitting position and if it’s quite right for your height or not. Plus, consider the bending of your knees as well to guarantee maximum comfortability.


The Price

For most people, price is the defining factor when getting a sofa. Just remember that quality materials entail a higher price in the market. If you do go for expensive fabrics, make sure you maintain it properly on a regular basis. It’s a necessary expense but it still should be done to prolong your sofa’s lifespan. Otherwise, you might be wasting money because it will give in to wear and tear after a limited amount of time.


The Size

A large sofa will sure be a space-eater inside your home. Keep in mind to get a sofa that fits well in your house without causing any space-related problems. Don’t get a sofa that’s too big that it will impede the movement of people inside your home.


Another reason for considering the size of the sofa is so that you’ll know if it will fit into your door or not. Get a measuring tape, find out the exact dimensions, and base your purchase according to your findings. It will be highly advisable to seek the help of professional movers in Singapore who offer one-item moving services. They know best how to move your sofa safely into your home.



The Design

When choosing a sofa design, you have to place its functionality over everything else. It should fulfill the function of providing comfortable seats to a good number of people without any issues at all. Once you’ve nailed that functionalist aspect down, you can proceed with your personal design preferences.


Colour is the next logical design choice you should make when getting a sofa. This piece of furniture should seamlessly blend in with your home interior or actually enhance it. If you fail to choose the right shade or palette, your sofa will stick out like a sore thumb every time you step into your living room. If you want, you can consult a interior designer to check your home out and give you a good colour suggestion for your planned sofa.